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The Art and Science of Nail Technology

Nail Technology

Become a part of this exciting and growing profession of nail technology.  Push the limits of your creativity and explore career options of unlimited potential, one that can take you in many directions and will make you a confident, successful professional.

Nail Art – Salon Services

In Australia’s burgeoning fashion and beauty industry, the business of nails continues to grow.  There is a high demand for nail services such as manicures and pedicare treatments, acrylic and gel nail enhancements, party tips for special occasions and nail art. With new product technologies, application techniques and business strategies, the Australian and New Zealand first edition of Milady’s Standard Nail technology is the complete first step to basic nail technology that all professional nail technicians will need to kick off their career.

Karen Murray, the author of the nail technology book, is a devoted training advocate of nails in Australia and maintains strong industry ties by holding a number of professional memberships, attending workshops and events and by continually building her professional network, enables Karen to keep abreast of any changes in the industry.  Karen ensures that the learning experience this book provides will positively impact on your future career focus.

Milady Standard Nail Technology equips you as a trainee nail technician with all the basic skills you will require to work in the industry. This Australian adaptation addresses the essential skills and knowledge required for the SIB20210 Certificate II in Nail Technology qualification. This book covers technical skills for manicuring, pedicare, nail tips and electric filing. The basics of anatomy, physiology, chemistry and electricity are also covered, alongside life and business skills essential for getting ahead in the nail industry. 



Nationally accredited training

Complete nationally accredited training in SIB20210 Certificate II in Nail Technology http://training.gov.au/Training/Details/SIB20210  and add to the ranks of nail technicians drawing on the inspirations of other professionals in the nail industry, those who are masters in the art of nail technology, winning nail art competitions with 3 dimensional nail art, acrylic nails and gel nails.

Nail products

The field of nail technology is a specialized area – As a nail professional your clients rely on you to perform professional nail services using professional nail products.  Purchasing professional hand and foot care products, acrylic and gel nail products, networking within the industry, attending professional trade shows will ensure quality outcomes for you and your clients. http://www.internationalbeautyexpo.com.au/

Acrylic and Gel Application Techniques

Milady Standard Nail Technology book describes the fundamentals of how to apply acrylic and gel nails that last. Understand the structure of the natural nail to perform nail services such as artificial enhancements, manicures and pedicare treatments. This text also covers legislative requirements for nail technicians in both Australia and New Zealand.

The Milady text and the companion website through the Cengage login will give learners access to materials covering health and safety procedures, sustainability, activity sheets, step-by- step procedures for key practical skills and treatments with easy to follow photo sequences, flashcards that can help you learn and remember key terms from the text.

Step-by-step Instructions

Learning objectives are listed at the start of each chapter, pre and co-requisites are listed indicating which topics you need to have already covered to understand the chapter, activity boxes through the text encourage reviewing the theory already covered in the text and applying the skills you have learned, tip boxes give you helpful hints for successful practice.  This learning experience provides a foundation for you to succeed in your future as a nail technician, hand foot and nail care specialist, acquiring the knowledge of nail science identifying common nail problems and disorders such as dry, split, brittle nails.

Training and assessment resources

The Milady text and the companion website through the Cengage login will give trainers and assessors access to content which aligns to the nationally accredited Training packages in both Australia and New Zealand. The alignment in this nail technology book includes chapters covering life skills, employability skills, seeking employment, sustainability within the nail services industry, professional image, communicating for success, infection control principles and practices, general anatomy and physiology, skin structure growth, nail structure and growth, nail diseases and disorders, nail product chemistry , business skills including retail services, manicuring, pedicure, monomer liquid and polymer powder nail enhancements and ultraviolet gels.

Instructor’s manual, power point presentations, chapter by chapter artwork files and test bank of questions is also available through Cengage publishing.

The beauty of perfectly manicured hands and feet that have been transformed by pedicare treatments, the world of nail technology is at your fingertips!

The Milady Standard Nail Technology Australian and New Zealand first edition is available through:



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